Play to earn - Best Crypto Games list in 2024

Because blockchain technology enables true, real-world trade of non-fungible tokens, the cryptocurrency gaming sector is worth billions of dollars (NFTs). There are even digital economies where you may get paid to play!

Play-to-earn games are those that allow players to engage in gaming activities such as battling, breeding their in-game characters, performing quests, or accomplishing other tasks in order to earn money.

They can get some form of in-game currency that can be used to buy NFTs later, or they may transfer it directly to a cryptocurrency wallet and sell or exchange it for tokens or currencies that can be used for real-world payments.

This is one of the key incentives for players to participate actively in these crypto games because it is how they are rewarded for playing them. It's one of the reasons why 'play-to-earn' games have become so popular.

As a result, we'll go through some of the most popular crypto games that trade for millions of dollars on a regular basis.

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The Top 16 NFT Games to Play in 2024

  1. Silks
  2. Splinterlands
  3. Alien Worlds
  4. Cryptopop
  5. Gods Unchained
  6. Spider Tank
  7. Binemon
  8. Plant VS Undead
  9. Axie Infinity
  10. Gala Games
  11. Illuvium
  12. Decentraland
  13. Space Misfits 
  14. Mobox
  15. Chain Games
  16. Nakamoto Games

1. Silks

Silks is a fresh new NFT project that combines the best of traditional thoroughbred horse racing with a unique metaverse. Each player in Silks can have their own digital horse, which is an NFT, that is tied to a real-world race horse.
Play to earn - Best Crypto Games list

Each NFT horse possesses traits that are identical to those of its real-life counterpart. If a horse is recognized for its strong finish, the NFT horse will profit from it as well. Silks combine race records, training history, bloodlines, breeds, and other data to create one-of-a-kind digital horses that closely resemble racehorses who compete on real tracks across the world.

Furthermore, the performance of your digital horse's real-world equivalent is tied to your in-game performance. Silk's in-game cryptocurrency, STT, is awarded when your real-world horse wins a race.

The more STT you acquire, the more breeding and staking you can do. Digital horses are, of course, transferable like NFTs, and there is a possibility to profit from the Silk secondary market.

Silk has also developed its own metaverse, which recreates the horse racing experience. On a variety of racetracks, you can compete for digital horses with your horse. Within the Silk ecosystem, STT can be used to acquire land and stables, as well as wager on digital horse races.

2. Splinterlands

Splinterlands is a fast-paced, enjoyable game that looks like a cross between Pokemon and Magic. Unlike other card games where players engage in combat, confrontations in Splinterlands are brief. As a result, you can log in and play for as little or as long as you like.
Play to earn - Best Crypto Games list

Splinterlands' universe is constantly evolving, which is very appealing. A total of 500 play cards and over 64 abilities have been released by the development team. The number of cards you can play and the combinations you may make are expanding thanks to new NFT initiatives built on top of Splinterlands.

Amateur gamers will find it simple to obtain rewards in Splinterlands. Going on missions, challenging other players in ranked play, and participating in tournaments are all ways to acquire new cards and in-game tokens. Cards can be sold on the secondary market, converted into bitcoin, or rented to other players.

3. Alien Worlds

Alien Worlds is one of the top P2E games for those looking to discover new worlds. The entire cosmos is laid out before you in this game. It's up to you to colonize planets, establish a working government and economy, and travel to other worlds.
Play to earn - Best Crypto Games list Alien Worlds

Alien Worlds is unique in that it may be both cooperative and competitive. You can team up with other players to search for new NFTs or even make your own NFT drops. You might just come up with the best NFT for the year 2024. Players can also collaborate to build mini-games or organize the governing body of a planet.

You can, on the other side, engage in combat with other explorers in order to seize their territory or wealth. Alien Worlds offers Mission NFTs that take you on a quest far across the galaxy for those who simply want to explore. The in-game cryptocurrency, Trillium, can be exchanged for Mission NFTs, making this one of the top play-to-earn crypto games.

4. Cryptopop

Cryptopop is essentially a blockchain version of Candy Crush. Cryptopop, instead of requiring you to arrange diamonds and stones, needs you to group bitcoin symbols.
Cryptopop - Play to earn - Best Crypto Games list

On Cryptopop, the more coins you blast, the more money you can make. As you progress through the game's leaderboards, you'll earn PopCoin, an ERC-20 token. Because every ten points in the game is worth one PopCoin, you can quickly accumulate a considerable sum of cryptocurrency.

Cryptopop is different from other blockchain games in that it is much easier to play. This game is perfect if you're new to P2E games and want to earn bitcoin while doing something enjoyable.

5. Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained is a digital trading card game in which you compete against other players. Chris Clay, the former game director of Magic: The Gathering Arena, invented it, and it's already raked in more than $50 million in trades.
Gods Unchained - Play to earn - Best Crypto Games list

You gain new cards as you progress through the game by winning fights. Every card in Gods Unchained is an NFT, which means that players own their cards and can trade them. You may create your ideal deck over time and trade rare cards for cryptocurrency to turn your play into cash.

Trial of the Gods and Divine Order are two expansions for Gods Unchained. Gods Unchained is notable in that it is free to begin playing, while you can pay for a beginning card deck if you want to get right in.

6. Spider Tank

Spider Tank, a member of the GALA game community, is a free-to-play game with play-to-earn mechanics produced by GAMEDIA, an award-winning Netherland-based developer.
Spider Tank - Play to earn - Best Crypto Games list

Players can earn money by competing in skill-based competitions in-game, gathering game resources, and upgrading their cycles.

Players must explore a range of NFT tank bodies, weaponry, and unique equipment in the strategic warfare arena to improve their abilities and firepower. In addition, Spider Tank offers a variety of game modes that players may try out and win by eliminating the enemy on the tanks as a three-player team.

7. Binemon

Binemon is a Binance Smart Chain-based NFT game. Mons, virtual NFT pets, can be bred and raised by players, who can then use them to fight fights and gain rewards. Player-versus-environment (PvE) and Player-versus-player (PvP) are the two fight modes (PvP).
Binemon - Play to earn - Best Crypto Games list

Players can acquire more than only mons in Binemon. On the boundless open-world landscape, there are also special goods known as Ambrosia (AMB). AMB can be used by players to empower and upgrade their Mons.

On the Binemon marketplace, BIN, a BEP-20 Binemon native token, is used to purchase Mons' eggs. Mons' eggs come in four distinct races, which players will receive at random: cat, dog, unicorn, and titan.

8. Plant VS Undead

Plant vs. Undead is a diverse game, and the farm mode keeps you interested by allowing you to collect light energy, which leads to PVU tokens.
Plant VS Undead - Play to earn - Best Crypto Games list

There is a way to generate money by playing Plant vs Undead when you have possession of your in-game assets in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). It's because of this that it's a play-to-earn game.

This is a game in which players manage their farm and generate Light Energy, the game's in-game currency (LE).

These Light Energy tokens can currently be exchanged for Plant versus Undead Token, a cryptocurrency token (PVU). After that, the token can be traded on a number of decentralized exchanges (DEXs).

To earn LE, you must collect seeds, complete daily objectives such as watering other players' plants, and generally do anything else related to the farm.

The Plant vs Undead Token (PVU) has a value of US$0.675261 at the time of writing, making it a good token to earn and potentially leading to a good paycheck if you play the game for a long time.

You can also sell NFT plants on the marketplace, with typical NFT plants fetching roughly 10 PVU tokens and unusual NFT plants fetching over 100 PVU tokens.

This means that some people can just plant plants to generate light tokens, which can then be converted to PVU, while others can concentrate on NFT marketplace sales. The Binance Smart Chain is used to run the game. However, if your MetaMask wallet is connected to the BSC, you can utilize it. For additional information, see our Plant vs. Undead article.

9. Axie Infinity

On August 8, 2021, Axie Infinity became the first Ethereum-based NFT game to reach $1 billion in revenues. There are over a million active users in the game. Sky Mavis, a Vietnamese business, has produced the most popular non-fungible token (NFT) game right now. It is one of the most profitable games on the blockchain.
Axie Infinity - Play to earn - Best Crypto Games list

Axie Infinity is a Pokemon-inspired game in which you can assemble a team of animals known as Axies and use them to battle other players in Arena mode or fight foes in Adventure mode.

In the game, there are two cryptocurrencies: the Axie Infinity Token (AXS) and the Smooth Love Potion (SLP) (SLP). SLP is acquired through completing adventure mode levels and winning arena matches, while AXS is earned by making it into the game's PVP scoreboard. To breed an Axie, you must have both tokens, and you can only do so if you already have two Axies.

Each Axie is a non-fungible token (NFT) with a distinct set of body parts that determine both its abilities and rarity. They routinely sell for $100 to $1,000, and exceptionally uncommon ones, such as Axie #1733 (Venom), which sold for 110 ETH on March 23, 2019 and subsequently for 104.25 ETH on September 25, 2020, have sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

While Axie Infinity is a play-to-earn game, it still attracts NFT collectors owing to the high value of Axies, and it is the second-largest marketplace behind OpenSea, according to DappRadar.

It had almost 187,000 traders at the time of writing, with a total trading volume of US$124.58 million in the previous 30 days. The Axie Marketplace has over 975,000 traders and a trading volume of US$2,88 billion over its whole history. The Axie Infinity Token (AXS) is now worth US$136.65 at the time of writing.

To begin playing Axie infinite, you must first purchase three Axies from the marketplace. However, it is worthwhile to participate because the game pays well in a variety of ways.

10. Gala Games

Gala Games is a blockchain-based gaming platform that offers a wide range of cryptocurrency games. The GALA coin serves as a prize as well as a utility token for in-game transactions within the ecosystems.
Gala Games - Play to earn - Best Crypto Games list

Not only can tokens be traded in a Gala Games NFT marketplace, but in-game things can also be sold and collected by a variety of cryptocurrencies at a defined price based on their rarity.

Gala Games uses blockchain to provide players sole ownership of game objects as NFTs and ERC-20 Tokens on the Ethereum blockchain, despite the fact that items are gathered within the games.

In other words, unlike other games where Game Master and Admin are the highest writers of game items, every in-game item and inherit status gathered by players would be verifiable assets on blockchain even if their accounts are suspended from the platforms.

Check out the post "What is Town Star and How Can You Earn From It?" if you're interested in learning more about the game.

The good news is that future integration of Gala Games with other crypto games will allow players to move NFTs between games.

There are five separate Play To Earn crypto games under Gala Games at the time of writing in the middle of 2021: Mirandus, Spider Tank, Town Star, Fortified, and Echoes of Empires.

Fans of Gala Games will be even more excited in 2024 when three new games, The Walking Dead: Empires, Legacy, and Last Expedition, are released in Galaverse in December 2021.

11. Illuvium

Illuvium is a 3D RPG Open World game with auto-battle gameplay that runs on the Ethereum Blockchain. The major aim of players, similar to old-school RPG gameplays, is to win battles, complete missions, and improve ranks, with rewards being ILV Tokens, which are digital assets.
Illuvium - Play to earn - Best Crypto Games list

NFT Illuvial is a creature with a variety of abilities that players can acquire and upgrade in order to win battles. Both NFT Illuvials and in-game items can be traded using real-world money in the Illuvium marketplace, much like in other NFT games.

After its integration with Immutable X, the protocols of Layer 2 solutions for NFTs with zero fee charges, Illuvium's limelight is shining brighter. Unlike other Ethereum blockchain-based gaming platforms, Illuviums may offer its community Peer-to-Peer trading with no GAS fee.

Illuvium is set to launch in the first quarter of 2024, giving gamers access to a variety of DeFi platforms for games and trading.

12. Decentraland

The Ethereum blockchain powers Decentraland, a 3D virtual reality crypto game. With extraordinary experiences, players can explore lands, create unique avatars, and generate material based on their interests.
Decentraland - Play to earn - Best Crypto Games list

What is Decentraland? is a good place to start. and What's the big deal about it? see this article for further information

Players can also use the MANA coin as an in-game token to sell and buy products, as well as engage in enjoyable social activities.

Decentraland, which is getting closer to Metaverse, has games on VR experiences to satisfy life beyond reality with high-quality graphics. With the NFT Marketplace, players have the option of trading.

13. Space Misfits 

Space Misfits is a multiplayer game that leverages the Enjin blockchain protocol. In this top crypto game, you get the chance to explore different worlds, while competing to collect resources and expand your fleet in space. In other words, you will need to fight other players to conquer the galaxy and win in-game rewards.
Space Misfits - Play to earn - Best Crypto Games list

BITS, the in-game crypto token for Space Misfits, is used to pay out these awards. This token can be obtained by accomplishing a variety of tasks, such as becoming a merchant or tracking down NPCs. The platform also intends to make it easier to convert BITS into ERC-20 tokens, allowing you to sell them for fiat money.

14. Mobox

Mobox, a popular play-to-earn crypto gaming platform based on the Binance Smart Chain, is another popular play-to-earn crypto gaming platform. By integrating yield farming and NFTs, this DeFi ecosystem offers numerous free play to earn crypto games from several blockchains.
Mobox - Play to earn - Best Crypto Games list

This means you can get started without spending any money. However, in order to complete any transactions or participate in staking, you will need to purchase MBOX tokens, which are available on Binance.

To generate crypto rewards, you can either farm or battle, depending on your inclinations. MOMO NFTs are used to provide these incentives. You can also sell or stake your MOMOs to earn MBOX tokens. Within the Monox reality, you can also use your NFTs as collateral.

15. Chain Games

Chain Games is an NFT platform with seven distinct games to choose from. These games include a wide range of styles, so whether you want to play multiplayer racing, compete against a friend, play rocket league, or capture the flag, Chain Games has it all.
Chain Games - Play to earn - Best Crypto Games list

The only stipulation is that you purchase CHAIN tokens before you can begin playing these games. As you might expect, the incentives will be paid out in CHAIN currencies, which you may use to increase your earnings by staking on the site. The site also hosts events and tournaments on a regular basis, giving you more chances to earn CHAIN tokens.

16. Nakamoto Games

Another platform that allows you to access a wide library of play-to-earn  is Nakamoto. Rather of relying on a single title, it offers a varied variety of more than 100 games to choose from.
Nakamoto Games - Play to earn - Best Crypto Games list

In this regard, Nakamoto is comparable to Mobox. To access all supported titles, utilize the platform's native token NAKA. The major advantage, as you can see, is that this platform has something for everyone under one roof. However, not all of the games available were created by Nakamoto Games.

Instead, it hires other developers to make games, allowing it to cater to a wide range of tastes and interests among the online community. If you're seeking for the finest crypto investment games, check out Candy Shop, Naka Runner, or Dunk Hunter.

The NAKA coin can be used for a variety of things in the ecosystem, including governance and incentive mechanisms. This digital coin can also be used to buy ammunition and other supplies in games.

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