You can utilize the free SEO keyword research tool KeywordSea. It functions very similarly to other free keyword tools that we have already discussed. 

Here, there is a small distinction in that it helps you uncover more keyword variations rather as displaying you search volume or CPC. And it uses the Google Search suggestions for that. 

Prepositions and other auxiliary keywords are added as prefixes or postfixes in an attempt to create long tail keywords.


There are several situations in SEO where long tail keywords are necessary. While developing an advertisement or an excellent essay, you can sense their wants. 

You need a strong collection of keywords to target if you want to be successful, and you need keyword research tools for that. There are already a lot of similar tools available. 

However, KeywordSea is the tool you require if you specifically need one that can produce keywords for you utilizing Google suggestions.

Free Keyword Research Tool based on Google Search Suggestions : KeywordSea

To utilize KeywordSea , there is no sign-up or registration needed. 

After arriving at its main homepage, you can start right away. The next step is to simply choose a language and type a main keyword. There are example keywords given there, and all the main languages 

Free Keyword Research Tool based on Google Search Suggestions

You just need to press enter, and it will start gathering keywords for you. Give it a few seconds, and you will then see a list of all the keywords you can browse. 

The generated keywords are essentially divided into the following groups:

Here, you will primarily see W-H questions. You can find what/how questions about the keywords you typed in this section.

Prepositions: In this part, the most popular types of prepositions, such as "for," "to," "with," etc., were added in an attempt to develop long tail keywords.

Comparisons: A list of several terms is generated for you to compare in this area. In short, this part will assist you in choosing keywords that would sound great in article or advertisement headlines.

Related: Depending on the primary keyword you selected, a list of related keywords will be shown below for you to copy and paste as needed.

Alphabetical: Here, the tool essentially arranges all of the long tail keywords it has created in alphabetical order.

Free Keyword Research Tool based on Google Search Suggestions

You can continue to generate keywords with this tool in this manner. A minor drawback is that you cannot export the complete list of keywords to a file from this page. 

Here, the most you can do with them is analyze and copy. But I'm hoping that following versions will provide an export option.

As an SEO expert, you should be aware of the several free keyword research tools available. One of those is KeywordSea. 

It is brand-new and might be quite helpful to you because it provides a distinct method of generating keywords.

I agree that it can't show you crucial factors like CPC or volume for the generated keywords, but it can still aid in the discovery of very helpful terms that can improve the SEO of either your own websites or those of your clients.

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