Best tool to write a script for a video 2024

With just a few words, the AI Magic Writer can rapidly produce an engaging script. The only video platform you need is built within BIGVU. 

You may record anywhere, anytime thanks to the availability on web and mobile.

TL;DR: You won't have to stress about what to say next on camera thanks to the AI Magic Writer that we developed. 

You may have a polished video script tailored to your needs in a few easy steps, in the tone you desire.

Best tool to write a script for a video

Millions of people have used BIGVU to video themselves reading lines from our teleprompter. They acquired the self-assurance required to speak on camera. 

No mispronouncing words, memorization of text, or (we've all done it) hiding a piece of paper behind the camera.

How magic operates
AI Magic Writer generates video scripts that are tailored to certain business requirements after only a few brief user inputs. Along with AI algorithms from the realm of video marketing, we employed OpenAI GPT.

The Voice to Script Magic Writer's advantages include the following: What to say next or how to fill your content calendar are both beyond your comprehension. The writer develops ideas and scripts in a matter of seconds.

With templates like "Pitch My Business" or "Sales Video Letter," you may close more deals.
Demonstrate knowledge: With the "tips" or "news update" templates, sharing business insight may be done quickly. 

Remain consistent User demographics for Magic Writer include:
- Posting 2.3X more frequently, 
- Finishing 1.6X more videos, 
- Creating 2X the
- Produce two times as many videos

We have spoken with thousands of users and taken into account their feedback. 

We introduced many new features, including auto-trim, branding, and automated subtitles. 

With the AI Magic Writer, we are now significantly closer to providing our users with a comprehensive experience.

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