Bitcoin Diamond Crypto , How Is It Different From The Original Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is the most famous and valuable currency in the world and if you did not know it has derivative currencies designed for specific purposes such as Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold and Bitcoin Diamond .

in this post I will introduce you to the lesser known cryptocurrency Bitcoin Diamond and how it differs from the original Bitcoin? .

Bitcoin Diamond Crypto

1-Bitcoin Diamond

Bitcoin Diamond (BCD) was launched in November of the year 2017, and it is called the Hard Fork series, which is a section of the Blockchain system. It is the fastest and latest in transfers. It is characterized by fast conversion, requires lower fees and a high level of privacy among users, and is also considered the easiest currency to mine.

2- How is the original Bitcoin different from the Bitcoin Diamond ?

Bitcoin Diamond shares the same blockchain system with the original Bitcoin and has the same transactions, but differs in many key factors, including:

Faster transactions and lower fees

Bitcoin is difficult to deal with especially in small transfers such as buying from stores and simple exchanges because they charge high fees and take time to enter the transaction into the Blockchain system unlike Bitcoin Diamond which is fast and charges much lower fees.

Currency value:

Bitcoin Diamond is the least popular currency compared to the original Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash and looking at the exchange statistics, we find that the original Bitcoin is significantly superior and also provides a higher value.

Exchange type:

The original Bitcoin is more appropriately used for large exchanges only, unlike Bitcoin Diamond, which is suitable for all types of exchanges and transfers.

Ease of mining:

Bitcoin Diamond is easy to mine and can be used by any beginner, as it takes advantage of the power of the GPU graphics card, and compared to the original Bitcoin, it is more difficult and requires a huge budget.

In the end, Bitcoin Diamond is the least popular currency among users, although it has many functions that are much different from the original Bitcoin, and we likely that you have not heard of this currency before except in this blogging

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