New and cheap crypto rises 3300% -24H

Amidst the sharp rise that swept the digital currency market on the back of Bitcoin, the highest levels of 40 thousand dollars, the altcoins set out to record significant gains during Tuesday's trading.

Out of the top 200 cryptocurrencies, only 7 are declining other than the dollar-pegged stablecoins, but one of the newest cryptocurrencies is now leading the crypto market’s highs.

The GMTn/USD currency has now launched to record during Thursday's trading, its highest price ever at $3.42.
New and cheap crypto rises

Since the start of trading on the promising, which was launched for trading on the 9th of this March, and until this moment, STEPN GMT rose within the range of 3300% from the lowest price recorded on the 11th of March.

The GMT coin ranking in terms of market value jumped in less than two weeks by about 25 positions, to advance from the 80th to 55th place among cryptocurrencies.

The market value of the Stiben coin increased by more than two billion dollars, compared to a value that did not exceed 77 million dollars when trading began.

What is STEPN ?

STEPN is a Web3 based app STEPN was created by Find Satoshi Lab, an Australian based financial technology studio.

STEPN GMT is a metaverse cryptocurrency belonging to the STEPN network with a coin offering of 6 billion tokens.

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