9 Companies S&P 500 that accept Bitcoin as payment

Since the emergence of Bitcoin until now, many facts have changed. After the currency was limited to the transactions of individuals only, it has now become the focus of interest for large companies and institutions.

Below is a list of nine companies within the S&P 500 that accept bitcoin as payment.


Companies within S&P 500 that accept bitcoin as payment:

These S&P500 affiliates accept bitcoin for payment from their customers.

By working with different fintech partners, they provide very simple or completely seamless integration at the point of sale.

Here are the names of these companies:

1- Starbucks

Starbucks fans can buy their coffee with bitcoin by uploading the cryptocurrency to their Starbucks app since March 2020.

The coffee chain is accepting bitcoin using the Bakkt platform, which is a digital asset custodian and exchange developed by the New York Stock Exchange owner, in partnership with Starbucks and Microsoft starting in 2018.

2- Microsoft

Speaking of Microsoft, the software giant in Redmond, Washington is also accepting bitcoin to pay for Xbox Live services, other Microsoft games, Windows apps and other digital add-ons .

The company has been doing so since 2014.

3- Whole Foods

Whole Foods started accepting cryptocurrency for groceries in 2019.

This began in 2019 at the same time that Crate and Barrel and Nordstrom began accepting cryptocurrencies, through a collaboration with Flexa.

4- “AT&T”

AT&T, a major cellular carrier and provider of cable TV and high-speed internet, began accepting bitcoin for payments in 2019 in partnership with BitPay.

5- “Overstock”:

In 2014, Overstock.com became the world's first major retailer to accept bitcoin, shocking the world by declaring that it would accept internet money that only had value in the minds of then online technologists.

6- “Home Depot”

Beginning in 2019, Home Depot began accepting bitcoin for payments, powered by Flexa.

Homebuilders can buy all the materials and tools needed to build a house with Bitcoin payment available.

7- Paypal

In April 2021, PayPal, the first fintech payments innovator, began offering support to its various merchants to accept bitcoin as a payment method.

8- “Twitch”

Twitch fans can donate to support creators with bitcoin.

Some operators make more money on Twitch from cryptocurrency donations alone than high-income lawyers and doctors.

9- “Etsy”:

Online commerce company Etsy offers integrations that make it easier for online merchants who run their own standalone stores to accept bitcoin for payments.

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