Spain's real estate market grows 400% by accepting cryptocurrency as payment

The real estate market continues to grow since last year in both Spain and Europe; As a result of the repercussions of high inflation and the war on Ukraine, which changed the expectations of some about the economic recovery after the Corona pandemic.

According to figures issued by the Spanish news agency “Europe Press”, interest in the real estate market has increased by 400% since last November, with many investors moving towards buying real estate without even seeing it.
Spain's real estate market grows 400% by accepting cryptocurrency as payment

According to analysts, cryptocurrency and stock investors are turning to the real estate market as a more stable investment that offers less volatility than the stock and cryptocurrency markets, and gives them the opportunity to enter and exit the market easily due to high demand.

This high interest prompted some cryptocurrency investors to buy real estate directly using digital currencies, and not have to exchange it for paper money through banks, after it was accepted by a number of companies operating in the real estate sector.

However, there are still hurdles for buyers when using digital currencies to pay, such as calculating the taxes associated with the purchase and setting the price in bitcoin or another cryptocurrency due to its volatility.

Such transactions are more common in Latin America, where many properties have already been sold via cryptocurrency and dealers there are more receptive to the procedure.

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