How to make crypto nft art Pixel for free - just 5 Minutes

We've recently heard about digital artwork being sold for millions of dollars, even artwork that doesn't exist in the physical world. 

These emerging works of art are called as NFTs, or Non-fungible Tokens, which are digital assets. This type of art uses blockchain technology to verify its authenticity and ownership, implying that the artworks are not changeable.

According to market tracker DappRadar, the sale volume of NFTs increased to $10.7 billion in the third quarter of 2021, as the crypto asset frenzy hit new highs. 

With the NFT Market's growing popularity and demand, you might be wondering how to make your own NFT artwork.

Anyone can become an NFT artist, which is great news! Those of us who love to explore with different styles of art can do so by drawing on an iPad or using Photoshop. 

This post, on the other hand, is for folks who have no formal art training but want to make their own pixel NFT artwork for free without having to buy any software. Let's get going!

How to make crypto nft art Pixel for free - just 5 Minutes

How to make crypto nft art Pixel

Step 1: Find a good base photo.

How to make crypto nft art

Although sketching from your imagination is fun, some of us may struggle with this skill. Assume you want to make a painting of an intoxicated Merlion with colored hair. 

Because finding an exact reference for this hipster Merlion is difficult, we can start with a simple Merlion image as a starting point.

If you only require a portion of the shot, you can crop the base image. There's no need to include several complex shapes right now because the pixel art will simplify them for you.

Step 2: Resize the Selected Photo

The next step is to go to and upload the base photo you've chosen. If the image size is too huge, you can reduce it to 32px x 32px and save the reduced photo as a PNG.
How to make crypto nft Pixel

Step 3: Trace & Sketch

Now comes the most exciting part: starting to draw! Upload your resized image from step 2 to

Before you begin the tracing procedure, remember to add a layer. Start tracing the resized image on the new layer with the pencil tool.
make crypto nft art Pixel

Step 4: Add Color and Elements to your Sketch

We can now color our sketch and add elements using an existing sketch. 

We'll use a different layer for each element in this stage to ensure that we can alter one area of the image without impacting the others.

Creating a Free NFT Pixel Art

Creating a Free NFT Pixel
Creating a Free NFT Art

Your project is finished!

It's a good idea to add extra parts to the artwork so that you may mix and match! 
You can build your own NFT art collection by experimenting with the various layers.
Creating a Free NFT Pixel Art for free

This concludes Part 1 of our NFT artwork production guide; stay tuned for Part 2 where we'll walk you through a step-by-step process for getting your artwork on the market!

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