Easy way to use Auto-GPT in Browser for Free

"Learn how to use Auto-GPT for free in your browser! Our guide will show you the steps to get started, and you'll be able to use Auto-GPT in no time. Optimize your web experience with Auto-GPT today!"

Auto-GPT is a free open source application powered by GPT-4 that allows AI agents to work autonomously and perform recursive tasks for you. All you need to do is sign in with your Google account, enter your Open AI API key and start using/training agents. 

Easy way to use Auto-GPT in Browser for Free

In the case of AI, an agent is a piece of software designed to understand its environment (role) and take decisions and actions with the intent of achieving a precise goal or set of goals. Agents operate autonomously, meaning they are not directly commanded or controlled by a human operator.


  1. AgentGPT : You can give an AI agent a goal and then sit back to think, analyze, propose an execution plan, and act.
  2. Creative Suite: Easily and quickly design a logo, draft ad text, capture slogans, headlines, one-liners, headlines, and more in seconds. 
  3. Researcher: You can use Auto-GPT as a research agent to gather resources and compile results related to a topic. Auto-GPT accesses the Internet to search and collect information. 
  4. Daily Task Assistant: You can use it to manage regular emails, set appointments, track daily tasks, and more independently and without human intervention.
  5. Processing: You can use Auto-GPT to prepare a list of tasks using a GPT-4 agent that eventually completes everything added to the list via recursive self-reflection.

How to use Auto-GPT in Browser for Free

1. Open Auto-GPT by clicking on the link we provided at the end of this article. 2. Sign in with Google and enter your Open AI API key when prompted. If you don't have an API key, click here to get a free API key.

3. To start a mission, enter any name for your AI and the role you want it to play, then click "Start Mission".

How to use Auto-GPT in Browser for Free

4. Wait for some time, Auto-GPT will show the result on the screen. The task results are displayed in the left pane, while the name of the current task is displayed in the upper right corner of the page.

How to use Auto-GPT in Browser for Free

5. Click Continue to proceed to the next task and generate results for it. Repeat this process until you recursively reach the end of the task list.

How to use Auto-GPT in Browser for Free
How to use Auto-GPT in Browser for Free

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Basically, Auto-GPT is a standalone GPT-4 application in your browser that allows AI agents to run without human intervention and recursively perform tasks for you at no cost.

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