7 Best NFT Art Creator in Seconds 2024

To help you develop your own NFTs, we have compiled a list of applications that can create NFTs. NFTs are all the rage between art, collecting, and investing, and they're easy for anyone to create.

We have already mentioned that NFTs are multimedia elements such as photos, videos or even documents that are uniquely identifiable thanks to cryptocurrency networks. As a result, it can be very expensive as no one can "copy" ownership of these digital artworks.

7 Best NFT Art  Creator  in Seconds

It is clear that NFT creation is only part of the subsequent sales and profit process. These applications and platforms assist in this process. In all cases, you will need to buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, or another cryptocurrency to pay for the initial transaction costs, which can be very expensive in some cases.

This means that there are costs associated with it, the so-called “mints” and “gases”, to compensate for the blockchain network transactions that validate it. Additionally, platforms may typically only charge a fee for their work if the NFT is successfully sold.

1- Open Sea

OpenSea is the leading trading platform (marketplace) for NFTs, acting not only as an exchange and price point of view, but also allowing you to directly create your own NFTs by simply uploading the multimedia elements that comprise them.

OpenSea mainly relies on the web version, but we also have an application for mobile devices, so we ourselves can choose the version that best suits our tastes.

2- Rarible

rarible is the second largest NFT exchange for easy user-to-user trading, pricing and browsing of digital art collections. Compatible with many wallets, cryptocurrencies and transaction payment methods.

There are apps for smartphones and tablets that aren't as complete as the standard page, but help you easily create your own "non-fungible tokens".

3- Async Art

Anyone with programming knowledge will be able to create interactive hers thanks to his Async Art, a marketplace that goes beyond traditional content (photos, videos, documents, etc.) by allowing users to change the display. You can create NFTs.

At this time, Async Art has not released a mobile app, but it's worth considering this alternative to static formats.

4- AtomicHub

AtomicHub is another platform where NFTs are centralized for easy trading. In addition, you will be given the opportunity to create new virtual objects (icons) with the help of tutorials that guide you through the process without requiring any special knowledge.

For AtomicHub, there is no app yet, but he can create NFTs by visiting the mobile version of the site. After all, the experience is more like an app, so we don't expect it to last long.

5- Solsea

Solsea is a marketplace based on the Solana network for buying, selling and creating NFTs individually or in groups. It has the aspect of a virtual art gallery, always keeping in mind the importance users place on NFTs for their investment.

Solsea accepts a wide range of cryptocurrencies, offers low transaction costs, and also has a unique system of embedding copyright in copyrighted tokens.

6- GoArt

Unlike other applications belonging to the NFT market, here you will create your own virtual works of art with a photo editor. Once complete, it can be converted to an NFT and later uploaded to a third-party service.

GoArt focuses on creating images in the style of classical painting (Van Gogh, Rembrandt, Picasso, etc.) from your own images using artificial intelligence techniques.

7- 8bit Painter

As an 8-bit painter, you're in front of an image editor to create typical 8-bit video game-style pixelated illustrations. It is a visual finish that goes well with NFTs such as the popular CryptoPunks.

Of course, the application just generates an image, which can be easily converted into his NFT using any of the platforms on this list.

There are also more restricted NFT marketplaces, such as SuperRare and Nifty Gateway, where creators are individually selected to compete in a traditional art fair style. Therefore, there is no application or wizard to help create NFTs.

Additionally, there is the Binance NFT platform, a popular exchange where you can buy and sell these tokens, but without the ability to create them. If we are beginners, this may not be the best option as developing and uploading NFTs on Binance will require various external tools.

After all, creating your own new NFTs is easy, but all of these sites and apps require you to pay to integrate them into the Ethereum network and then sell them. In other words, the process involves a certain amount of risk, and the business must be run well in order to be profitable.

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