Chat with Multiple AI Chat Bots from Single Interface

Last year, OpenAI launched ChatGPT to the public, and everyone flooded in to chat with AI bots. It was so popular that the OpenAI servers were loaded for several days. Shortly after ChatGPT's huge success, Google and Microsoft also launched AI chatbots. Several competitors have followed suit, releasing his LLM (Large Language Model) chatbots powered by their own AI.

With so many AI chatbots, choosing which AI chatbot to chat with is becoming very difficult. I personally like his ChatGPT on OpenAI, but it's not always up to date. Google's Bard and Microsoft's Bing AI Chat, on the other hand, respond with links. If you want to request something from all these bots at the same time, you can use ChatALL. Available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

ChatALL is an open source application that allows you to chat with multiple AI chatbots simultaneously through a single user interface. It's like a bunch of AI bots (bots) having a group chat without seeing each other.

Chat with Multiple AI Chat Bots from Single Interface

ChatALL gives you easy access to various AI chatbots. It supports Google Bard, Microsoft Bing AI Chat, OpenAI ChatGPT, and dozens of small AI bots. Some lesser-known bots offer anonymous access and can be used, but the answer is not very good.

You can download ChatALL from : ChatALL

ChatALL is just a client and does not provide quick or direct access to these AI chatbots. This means that when you use these AI bots, you have to log in with your credentials. Also, some bots are not free. For example, if you want to use the latest updated ChatGPT model, purchase a subscription from OpenAI.

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